Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Vintage Market : announcement

Morning everyone, how are you today? :) :)
Yesterday Kaireen, Sammy, Cat & me went out for supposed-to-be a meeting for The Vintage Market, but we ended up talk talk talk and just shop around, lol :D

Btw, im sorry to say this, but The Vintage Market wont be held in June as i think it's too early. We are postponing it to the end of this year, most probably in November or December.
Hopefully we are able to make a bigger event so that lots of people can join us too, wearing vintage too of course :)

Thanks to everyone who joined in and voted in the poll, thanks :) :)
Will keep you informed more on The Vintage Market soon :)

Meanwhile, don't you just love this:

polka dot dress with scallops-neckline, awww :)
to uk10 ladies, do grab it fast, you sure don't wanna miss this piece!
rm38 from Vintage Biri-Biri

and do check out Vintage Packstocks if you are looking for sheer tops or dinner dresses :) :)

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