Saturday, May 29, 2010

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hey everyone, how's ur weekend?
i spent my day today at TiC's Chicpop in Sunway Giza
for a while only, after that have to dash to watch movie :P

met Sammy in Vintage Day Out's floral jumpsuit :)
and Kaireen in her gorgeous black vintage dress
and Cat in a from-far-easy-to-spot polkadot jumpsuit, or was it a dress? *yikes*
it was nice to meet them again :)
thou cant spend so much time there as im with bf and we r rushing to OU to catch a movie!

anyway, here are items i bought at there today, at chicpop i mean not OU :P

1st is a stripe vintage dress from
*met the owner, such a sweet girl :)*
p.s: it's such a waste if you didn't purchase anything from this store, online or offline, because her vintage clothes are in a very good condition and yet still at a reasonable price!

2nd is a floral skirt from ilovesnackfood *love em'!*

and last are two hairclips from Mimpi Murni
*sweet owner too :) love her collections and the packaging!*
btw, congrats on your engagement*

had a long day today *woooh!*
wish i could shop more, too many temptations *aargh* but i have to save money :(

to the others: hope you managed to shop a lot there :P
dying to go to the next chicpop already :)
and coming soon is urbanscape! *yay*
now who's excited already? :P

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