Thursday, May 6, 2010

offline base

*pic credited to apartment therapy*

good morning everyone :) i've found some vintage stores' names in a magazine and they are OFFLINE! just thought wanna share with you guys :) i never been to any of this stores, in fact thinking of going there this weekend, so don't blame me if you are disappointed yea :) but i'm sure it's worth the try :)
so to those who wanna shop vintage offline, you can visit them:

Luxury Vintage
Apple Treasure
Scoop * i'm not really sure if they sell vintage based on the online web but they do sell 2nd branded designers stuffs*

all above stores are at Plaza Damas Sri Hartamas, they are some stores at Mon't Kiara, but i can't remember the names, sorry. anyone who know any vintage stores offline, please let me know and i will put it up in this list, thanks! :) :)

p.s: anyone who know where i can find vintage luggage, do lemme know. im really interested in them :)

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