Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Colourful && Gorgeous!

Hi all *again*, just would like to introduce a vintage blogshop selling colourful ++ gorgeous dresses && blouses! This blog was introduced to me by Sammy! *thanks Sammy*

Lemme introduce you to... Vintage Rockstar!
And here are a few of those colourful dresses/blouses im talking bout :)

More gorgeous dresses are available, so do check them out yea :)

p.s: vintage bags are also available! :) :)

I love the combination of this dress :) :) but it's sold out :(
It just kills me && Sammy that many of their very gorgeous items are sold out :(

Hide The Bum!

owh my, i simply love the name of this particular blogshop: Hide The Bum :) :)
verrrrrryyyy adorable, don't you think? :P

Well, the main point is *guess what*, Hide The Bum is a specialist in making Class A-Line Vintage Skirt, how cool is that? :O

All their skirts are mostly for UK12-UK14, you can see the measurements in the blog. I'm not sure if they do for smaller size, but you could ask the owner perhaps? :)

This is my personal favourite :)

And this one is coming soon:

Can't wait for it! ;)
Do check out Hide The Bum for more A-Line skirts. They do have in plain colours too :)
Price range: rm45-rm55 exclude shipping.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vintage Sale at Beautiful Disaster

Hi vintagers, this is a mini update. This time i'm featuring a SALE *ooohhh..* from Beautiful Disaster. Get this straight, ALL ITEMS ARE AT RM25 ONLY *per piece of course*

So what are waiting for? There are tons of blouses, skirts && dresses up for grab! ;)

Newly Linked Vintage Blogshops

Hi everyone, im back :)
To those who sent me an email regarding linking, i will be updating the blogshops list soon, so do be patience yea :)

p.s: i only do vintage clothes. so to those who sent me an email regarding newly stuffs, sorry but i don't do review on ready stock/preorder/korean/taiwan and so so on.. fashion. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010


dearest vintagers, unfortunately i will be on hiatus for a couple of weeks. sorry :(
to any-school students, wish you happy holidays! enjoy your holidays and don't just waste time flooding the shopping malls :P

be back soon :)
*keep the vintage going on!*

miss v

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

love of the day :)

im in love with this gorgeous-coloured dress!
can anyone buy it for me please? *as if*
hehe :P

rm55 from Kitty Owl Vintage

Sunday, March 7, 2010

rm10 sales!

hi all, here's a mini update :)
this time im featuring a rm10 sales from Vintage Packstocks!
how awesome is that? some of the items has been sold, so better make it fast!
below are the items included in the rm10 sales

p.s: i've grabbed an item for myself, if u r know me well, then u can find out which one i bought :)

2 clues:

1. it aint floral *awww*
2. since i've bought it, so the status must have been...

go on waste your time and keep guessing :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

flower your love part 2

oooohh..i found more floral dresses at Chaos Closet && Flowers Coming
* knees are trembling! i adore floral so much!*

RM 28 from Chaos Closet

RM28 from Flowers Coming

flower your love :)

Sasha Vintage have just updated with a bunch of very-darn-gorgeous FLORAL dresses! darn, you know that's my weakness :P

this is my favourite, very vibrant colour :)

price range : rm40-rm45

only at Sasha Vintage

sexy and sheer :P

i like sheer stuffs, thou it's quite tiring to have to wear some inner wear, but it's very very sexy, don't you think so? :) so this one-hell-of-a-kind dress goes to all rajin vintagers :P

RM35 from Vintage Biri-Biri

p.s: BLACK is slimming! :P