Thursday, May 20, 2010

of pastel & polka dot

Hi everyone, hows ur day today?
Mine was okay i guess, despite the heavy rain and thunder *shivers*

this is not really a vintage post, i just want to share with you guys to show how much of a pastel-lover i am :D :D

here's some of the stuffs i bought during my trip to sgpore:

pastel-coloured belts
*they are cheap! couldn't resist gettin em'*
pink+white canvas shoes from newlook
*lovin' the colour*

this is my new love
a shirt bought from newlook
thou it's a one size big from what i usually wear, i just grab it since it's the last piece :P
*i just love the colour*

there's another baby doll top i bought from new look, something soft pink coloured but i couldnt find the pic thou *yikes* and i also bought two off-white sweaters from uniqlo to complete the pastel addiction, one for me and one for the bf :)

*rummaging thru uniqlo's jeans reminds me of sammy, haha*

and this is a tee i bought for my paris-addict sis :P

for polka dot section, i managed not to buy any clothes with polka dot prints except a baby doll top from cotton on :P

but i did bought a polka dot diary and a polka dot sticky notes *yay*

that's all for now!

p.s: to anyone who's going to SINGAPORE, please lemme know :)
i think i missed a couple of stuffs to splurge on :P

signing off,


  1. I like the pink+white shoes from newlook, it looks really cute!

  2. Hi Irenelim, thanks! am loving it too :) :)