Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

missing the fun

apparently, vintage markets are starting to spread pretty fast.
just read a post from kalerpalette about The Vintage Market we organized last July,
oh, how i miss the fun organizing one ;(

re-selling brand new items!

sheer polkadot blouse from seesaw's playground
reserved for Mrs Hanie Fariq

sheer chiffon top from ugly duckling closet

soft cotton top with crotchet lace details from likeigloo
both are at rm50 each

I'm re-selling all of these items. Email me at if you are interested!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

upcoming event: Vintage Attack!

oh yes, you read it right!
a vintage community called Vintage Troops is organizing "Vintage Attack", another yet vintage market destinied to finish up all of our moolahs ;)

I'm so looking forward to it, might be joining as a vendor too! Hope to see you all there too.

Goodnight and don't let the bedbugs bite,

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Vintage Closet: Sleeveless Dresses!

it's finally updated!

this particular a bit sheer cotton floral dress is rm50 including postage. same printed sash is included. the price is a little bit higher because this particular piece was bought in Aussie at 20AUD ;)
#this dress does not include in the promotion stated below.

other than that....
all dresses are at rm35 each including postage!
and the interesting part is if you purchase 3 dresses, the total is rm100, and yes still including postage! ;)
*if you purchase 2 dresses, the price will still remain at rm70 for both.

a navy blue shift dress

lace for the upper, chiffon for the below part
#lining included

navy blue sweetheart-neckline dress

lion-printed with mandarin collar dress

GAP plum-coloured ruffles dress
#a little bit sheer

floral printed with stretchable sleeve and neckline

COTTON ON floral dress, in size S

*take note that some are vintage, some are preloved!
interested? mail me at

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

back on track

hey lovelies, finally i can be on track! although not much updates will be posted in this couple of weeks as i still have tons of assignments and projects. but will try my best to update more frequently :)

here's my favourite of the day

*loving the vibrant colours, a must!*

Saturday, November 12, 2011

it's precisely

....3:50 a.m right now, and yes, unfortunately i'm still unable to close these eyes tightly yet. apparently, staying up late doing assignments for the last couple of days has turned me into a nocturnal. i feel so fresh, i could definitely be Batman's sidekick right now! although i'm not that good with heights, perhaps i could be the cushion on the ground instead. lols, see how crappy i am when i'm unable to sleep? @@.

ohh yeah, getting back to the topic: Give-Aways and Re-Selling Vintage Items Of Mine Project!

i know i've said that before, but i haven't be able to get back on this project yet. too much clutterS to deal with, literally. however, i have gathered stuffs i'm going to giveaway, so just stay tuned for updates yeah :) hopefully, in a couple of weeks, if i'm not baking macaroons for F's sister's wedding *yay, finally gonna have the chance to do it :D*, i'll be posting up the giveaways!

on the other hand, for my re-selling items; let me tell you something,

expect tops && dresses in POLKA DOTS, abundantly! ;)
as you all know, i am a huge fan of polka-dots-printed stuffs, yes, that's one of my guilty pressure!

true fact: apparently, right now i'm in the possession of more than FIVE polka dot dresses. i know, right.

i've puchased so many items from various famous blogshops such as Vintage Rockstar, Vintage Day Out, Cupclothes, Furui and heck a lot more, online or offline. so, sadly, i might have to resell some of the stuffs i bought. in order to fill my closet with new stuffs, hence i'm letting of the old ones go.

so dearest all, please abide with me for a while and stay tuned for the updates :)

Batman's Sidekick,

Saturday, November 5, 2011

my new favourite vintage dress

went out for a date with F, and i'm wearing my new favourite vintage dress :)
*please ignore the silly grin*
bought from vintage rockstar!

rm20+ tops for today!

rm28 from the wardrobe

Friday, November 4, 2011

puffy me!

need to save some moolah?

but still find it irresistible to stop shopping?
head on to vintage rockstar for their 50% sale in conjunction of their 2nd anniversary!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New In Town: Sibylla

unique as the name, check out what they have in-store!

tempted much? head on to their blogshop for more items!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


i'm currently planning on clearing out my closet, and that means selling some of my stuffs. hence, i'm planning to sell some of my vintage dresses. but in conjunction of my birthday last month, i'm planning on some kind of giveaway contest. what do you guys think? :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

updates from soapsudsy!

price range: rm29 to rm38
all from Soapsudsy

#P.S: Stay tuned for updates from Vintage Rockstars!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

back on track!

Hello everyone, looks like i've landed safely in my home after exhilarating six days of travelling around Johor and plus, an unforgettable experience to USS ;) Wee-hooo!

I surely do hope i didn't miss out much, though i'm already quite heartbroken for missing the Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival last Saturday. Browsing through the photos of my friends surely making me weep a little ;( *aarrgghh* Anyhow, I wouldn't miss F's graduation for anything. So fret not, it's totally worth spending-almost-a-week-with-his-family ;)

Nuff of the drama, let's hop on to the latest vintage blogshop in town,

Created by my darling friend, Sammy from Shop Paperdoll Sammy
nd now, she's selling vintage accessories too! *double yays*
Check out what she have in-store:

Stay tuned for her first update soon!
If you do not want to miss her updates, you can LIKE The Opulent Hippo FB's page HERE.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

no more updates...

...until the 26th of October 2011!
Why? Because i'm off to F's graduation and also USS *hooyeh hooyeh* :)

So this post is gonna be slightly loooooong...

price range: rm25 to rm30
"hail yeah to yellow" updates from flashback
finally, they are back on track **double grinssss**

wait! there's more *winks*
this is pratically one of the most unique plus adorable i've ever laid my eyes on ;)

and it's only rm28
also from flashback

so enough of tops? getting tired of only tops? how bout some bottoms instead? :)

interesting collections of skirts, i must say!
price range: rm25 to rm35
all from anaabu

tops? checked!
bottoms? checked!
now how bout a dress instead?

price: rm58

##AND AND AND AND don't forget to check out updates from:
1. Cute Granny Vintage *expect colourful skirts!*
2. Chaos Closet Vintage *looking for belts? stay tuned for their updates!*
3. Soapsudsy is updating this 23th! you sure don't wanna miss em'

Last but not least, check out some vintage accessories from

*clip on earrings! solution to those who are scared of piercing, like me LOL :D*
price range: rm10 to rm40

that's all for tonight/today
have a good night, and good week ahead vintagers!
enjoy the weekend!
to those who are freeee, you MUST go and shop at the
Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival!
Details can be found here.
Please please please go and enjoy and have fun for me yeah?
I could really pinch myself hard for not going to that festival, but F is much more important :)

Signing off because i need to start packing with loves,