Monday, May 24, 2010

lovely treats :)

hi everyone! can't believe this is my one-ooo-one post! *yay*

btw, before heading to bed, just wanna share with you guys something simply beautiful yet amazing :)

as the pic cannot be uploaded here, you have to visit the link instead
visit here and tell me you are not as tempted as i am
*drooling with hunger*

i love Murni from Mimpi Murni's handmade items.
Aren't they just adorable and nice? :)
would love to purchase from her someday and will share it with you all :)

p.s: congrats to Murni on her soon-to-be engagement/wedding :)
visit her handmade items website here

goodnite all :)

*picture above is credited to Mimpi Murni*

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