Tuesday, May 4, 2010


*pic credited to google images*

Hi all, how are you guys doing? I hope you are doing fine :)
Just wanna thank you to those who messaged me about this blog and saying how much they like it and all. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it for all of your supports :)

p.s: just a vintage thought. wouldn't it be nice if someone held a Vintage Affair? *wink* you know something like Vintage Market, Vintage Lunch, Vintage Dinner, Vintage Day or anything! just a group of vintage lovers gather and spend time together enjoying shopping vintage items or just to talk talk talk :) i would love to organise something like this :)

of course, there is something compulsory thou, every single person who will attend the event must wear vintage clothes. aaaaah, wouldn't it be nice? :)


  1. your ideas it great.
    hope it will be held someday.


  2. I agree X100. We should all have a picnic or a tea party where we could have tea and talk non stop about everything in the world about vintage.

    Or we could have a place where we could sell our vintage items and also meetup and have tea :)

    We must make this possible MISS V!!


  3. hey that would be nice miss v!
    great idea! :D
    can we make it possible? hehe

  4. I SECOND UNICORN'S MOTION! (Kaireen, is that youuu?)

    I have a mini idea that may start the ball rolling, but I gotta discuss it with Miss V first and see what she thinks! Why don't you guys write her an email about it too? :)

  5. yupyup sammy its me.


  6. Hi everyone, thanks for the support :) :)
    I'm planning for a vintage market, where all of you sellers can sell your vintage stuffs, wouldnt it be nice? :) and then perhaps a tea party like suggested by kaireen. im so excited already! *grinning*

  7. im excited too :)
    especially on vintage market.

  8. me too :) hope you will be joining and selling your vintage items, shatirah! :)

  9. hy..hey i just came across upon this post.sorry for the late comment..but im soo soo agree with the vintage market..actually i hv this thought long ago but i dont have much networking in vintage community..guys..can i join??.. :) it'd be nice to incorporate vintage with arts :D i hv so many ideas how to make this like a very cool community..hehe :D

  10. hi kalerpalette, welcome aboard :)
    of course you are welcome to join! and any ideas would be gladly welcomed! :) :)

  11. Should be held in june lah Miss V !

  12. Hi Vamp & Vintage :)
    we are planning on it :)
    wish us lucks :)