Monday, May 31, 2010

coming soon

the bookkeeper. ahhaaaaa, curious much? :)

monday loves

rm25 from Vintage Pod
do check out their latest updates
all items are at rm25 each *big yay*

rm40 from Sunny Sideup Closet
black, slimming and sexy!

rm50 from Vintage Rockstar
am lovin' this!

rm48 each from bee tea full
say yay to tailormade dress! :)

rm49 from Flowers Coming
love this one too, too bad big for me *sigh*

Saturday, May 29, 2010

sharing is caring

hey everyone, how's ur weekend?
i spent my day today at TiC's Chicpop in Sunway Giza
for a while only, after that have to dash to watch movie :P

met Sammy in Vintage Day Out's floral jumpsuit :)
and Kaireen in her gorgeous black vintage dress
and Cat in a from-far-easy-to-spot polkadot jumpsuit, or was it a dress? *yikes*
it was nice to meet them again :)
thou cant spend so much time there as im with bf and we r rushing to OU to catch a movie!

anyway, here are items i bought at there today, at chicpop i mean not OU :P

1st is a stripe vintage dress from
*met the owner, such a sweet girl :)*
p.s: it's such a waste if you didn't purchase anything from this store, online or offline, because her vintage clothes are in a very good condition and yet still at a reasonable price!

2nd is a floral skirt from ilovesnackfood *love em'!*

and last are two hairclips from Mimpi Murni
*sweet owner too :) love her collections and the packaging!*
btw, congrats on your engagement*

had a long day today *woooh!*
wish i could shop more, too many temptations *aargh* but i have to save money :(

to the others: hope you managed to shop a lot there :P
dying to go to the next chicpop already :)
and coming soon is urbanscape! *yay*
now who's excited already? :P

Friday, May 28, 2010

white tops

ooooh..i think i like all of em'
:) :) :)
do check out their blog for more tops!

each is rm28
all from Pa'chenta Vintage

something you must see and buy, of course

how can you resist these?

price range: rm30-rm45
all from The O.D.D Atelier

Thursday, May 27, 2010

dresses for today

do check out oh! mine's update for today
they are selling gorgeous vintage dresses
*i've booked mine :P :P*

price range: rm35 each
all from oh! mine

p.s: can you guess which one is mine? :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

HELP: polka craze :D

Evening everyone!
I need some help as i'm looking for these stuffs:

polka dot buckle case/bag! do lemme know in case you know where i can find them, online or offline :) thanks!

im collecting things that are green coloured with red polka dots like the bag above, so anyone who have anything like that, please lemme know yea, thanks!

*all pics are credited to bella lollita*

The Vintage Market : announcement

Morning everyone, how are you today? :) :)
Yesterday Kaireen, Sammy, Cat & me went out for supposed-to-be a meeting for The Vintage Market, but we ended up talk talk talk and just shop around, lol :D

Btw, im sorry to say this, but The Vintage Market wont be held in June as i think it's too early. We are postponing it to the end of this year, most probably in November or December.
Hopefully we are able to make a bigger event so that lots of people can join us too, wearing vintage too of course :)

Thanks to everyone who joined in and voted in the poll, thanks :) :)
Will keep you informed more on The Vintage Market soon :)

Meanwhile, don't you just love this:

polka dot dress with scallops-neckline, awww :)
to uk10 ladies, do grab it fast, you sure don't wanna miss this piece!
rm38 from Vintage Biri-Biri

and do check out Vintage Packstocks if you are looking for sheer tops or dinner dresses :) :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

lovely treats :)

hi everyone! can't believe this is my one-ooo-one post! *yay*

btw, before heading to bed, just wanna share with you guys something simply beautiful yet amazing :)

as the pic cannot be uploaded here, you have to visit the link instead
visit here and tell me you are not as tempted as i am
*drooling with hunger*

i love Murni from Mimpi Murni's handmade items.
Aren't they just adorable and nice? :)
would love to purchase from her someday and will share it with you all :)

p.s: congrats to Murni on her soon-to-be engagement/wedding :)
visit her handmade items website here

goodnite all :)

*picture above is credited to Mimpi Murni*

Saturday, May 22, 2010


hi all, this is a reminder to a few girls that have been emailing about some items i'm selling, but now just MIA without letting me know whether they are still interested or not *sigh*

I really appreciate it if you girls let me know.

Natasha Irwan

Sarah Othman

Aaina Nur

and please do not just go MIA, that's so unethical lah.

The Vintage Closet: dresses up for grabs :)

price range: rm14-rm44
for more info, visit here or just email me at

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Blogshop :)

Afternoon y'all! :)
Here's a small update on a newly linked vintage blogshop:

the vintage vibes

love the colour :)
rm28 from the vintage vibes

aite, that's it for now! enjoy the rest of your day :)

signing off,
sunshining day

Thursday, May 20, 2010

of pastel & polka dot

Hi everyone, hows ur day today?
Mine was okay i guess, despite the heavy rain and thunder *shivers*

this is not really a vintage post, i just want to share with you guys to show how much of a pastel-lover i am :D :D

here's some of the stuffs i bought during my trip to sgpore:

pastel-coloured belts
*they are cheap! couldn't resist gettin em'*
pink+white canvas shoes from newlook
*lovin' the colour*

this is my new love
a shirt bought from newlook
thou it's a one size big from what i usually wear, i just grab it since it's the last piece :P
*i just love the colour*

there's another baby doll top i bought from new look, something soft pink coloured but i couldnt find the pic thou *yikes* and i also bought two off-white sweaters from uniqlo to complete the pastel addiction, one for me and one for the bf :)

*rummaging thru uniqlo's jeans reminds me of sammy, haha*

and this is a tee i bought for my paris-addict sis :P

for polka dot section, i managed not to buy any clothes with polka dot prints except a baby doll top from cotton on :P

but i did bought a polka dot diary and a polka dot sticky notes *yay*

that's all for now!

p.s: to anyone who's going to SINGAPORE, please lemme know :)
i think i missed a couple of stuffs to splurge on :P

signing off,

Dylan's Candy Bar

I'm re-selling both of the
Dylan's Candy Bar from the pic above.
Bought at rm88 not including postage each.
The cap of the purple jar is a bit "kemek" when it reached me. And i've tried it a little to know how it smell on my skin.
Anyone who is interested, please email me :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

walking on sunshine

Good evening everyone, how y'all doing? Btw, just wanna share a lovely piece i've received today :)

remember this dress from Personal Shopper?

i'm loving this dearly :) :) it fits me well *yay*
thanks Emmy from PS for everything!
*and you really should not need to refund, it really is just a tiny spot*

dresses of the day:

rm38 from Sunny Sideup Closet

rm55 from Vintage Biri-Biri

rm30 from Love Apple Vintage

another BTW, if you like the yellow dress above, you might wanna think of grabbing a similar piece to it:

rm 25 from Rara Vintage Boutique

Monday, May 17, 2010

back on track

hey everyone, how r u doing? hope u had a lovely week last week :) I had a great fun in Singapore, to those who wishes me, thanks thanks thanks! Now we have to get back on track with TVM! *ehm ehm*

love of the day:

rm40 from Sunny Sideup Closet
lovin' this sweet dress :)

one more!

rm35 from Tangerine Loft
love the collar, love the dress :)