Thursday, October 20, 2011

no more updates...

...until the 26th of October 2011!
Why? Because i'm off to F's graduation and also USS *hooyeh hooyeh* :)

So this post is gonna be slightly loooooong...

price range: rm25 to rm30
"hail yeah to yellow" updates from flashback
finally, they are back on track **double grinssss**

wait! there's more *winks*
this is pratically one of the most unique plus adorable i've ever laid my eyes on ;)

and it's only rm28
also from flashback

so enough of tops? getting tired of only tops? how bout some bottoms instead? :)

interesting collections of skirts, i must say!
price range: rm25 to rm35
all from anaabu

tops? checked!
bottoms? checked!
now how bout a dress instead?

price: rm58

##AND AND AND AND don't forget to check out updates from:
1. Cute Granny Vintage *expect colourful skirts!*
2. Chaos Closet Vintage *looking for belts? stay tuned for their updates!*
3. Soapsudsy is updating this 23th! you sure don't wanna miss em'

Last but not least, check out some vintage accessories from

*clip on earrings! solution to those who are scared of piercing, like me LOL :D*
price range: rm10 to rm40

that's all for tonight/today
have a good night, and good week ahead vintagers!
enjoy the weekend!
to those who are freeee, you MUST go and shop at the
Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival!
Details can be found here.
Please please please go and enjoy and have fun for me yeah?
I could really pinch myself hard for not going to that festival, but F is much more important :)

Signing off because i need to start packing with loves,

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