Sunday, April 24, 2011


First of all, Happy Sunday to everyone and Happy Easter to those who are celebrating!

News update from The Vintage Affair:
Regarding The Vintage Market or shortly known as TVM, here's a small scoop on it ;)

I think it's probably best to held the event in June/July, any-when before the fasting month. It will most probably be a small event as this is our first tryout *yikes*. 15-20 vendors, plus minus, perhaps? I'm aiming for a spot that is pretty accessible for all, easy to go, find, park and so on. I already have one particular space in mind *finger-crossing you all will like it too* but one problem is they don't provide tables and chairs. So here's the problem:

Anyone can help me find suppliers for tables and chairs
for 20 vendors?

Any kind of help would be gladly appreciated.

Any info, just email me at

Signing off,
Miss V.


  1. can't wait can't wait can't wait!!! have been waiting for this forever!!!

  2. ouhhh. We would love to join too! How fun! :)