Friday, April 15, 2011

aiming for the stars!

i really miss updating this blog and i don't know why i can't get my head to update this one regularly. and i miss selling stuffs online tooooooooo, not to forget buying online!
*what's going on with me? :(*

need to get my head together and start focusing!

main aim: The Vintage Market
*am looking forward for her reply, please do reply :(*

next aim: updating this blog regularly, plus make some improvement!
let's talk about blog-makeoverrrr!

next next aim: selling my stuffs onlineeeeee!
oi oi oi need money to shop moreee.

note to all my followers/vintagers:

i'm really sorry for the lack of updates! need some time to put my life together and back on track. millions thousands apologies!

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