Friday, December 11, 2009

a mini update from Kaler Palette

since i've started new semester, *sighs* been quite busy to update, sorry vintagers.
thou, i've stumbled upon a blog, named Kaler Palette
*interesting blog name, isn't it?*
and so, i've decided to do a mini update on their stuffs!

there are few SOLD ITEMS that really caught my eyes :O
here's few of them:

awwww...really love them! too bad it's sold out :(

HOWEVER, there are few nice AVAILABLE thing too *grins*

each of these items are priced from rm22-rm38
*verrrrrryyyyy affordable price!*
head on to their blog, Kaler Palette for more interesting vintage items!

lastly, great news averyone! here's an email forwarded from Kaler Palette

"DECEMBER DEALS--its end of year 2009,you people should be rewarded with good deals and good bargain as a token of appreciation for supporting all the online shops and boutiques..and for that reason,

KALERPALETTE offers you FREE POSTAGE for the whole month as well as 20% DISCOUNTS on every purchase of 2 items and above!!!"

p.s: the model is very photogenic, isn't she? LOL! :)

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