Saturday, December 26, 2009

are you a big fan of vintage and flower?

..i know i am! :)

This particular vintage blog is very specialized in both of vintage and flower, well to me lah :P Say hello to Bee tea full!

Check out their vintage dresses

And by far, these two are my favourites :)

Don't you just love them? :)

Good news vintagers!
Some of the dresses above can be make according to your own body measurements, how cool is that? :O

Here's an excerpt for remaking rule from Bee tea full

1. can be made according to your desired size. do look at the measurements chart above. for
uk14 above, do give specific measurements of your body.
2. the more fabric is used, the more expensive it will be.
standard price = rm40 / 45 (uk4 - uk12).
3. payment needs to be made before ordering for a remake.
4. maximum 5 orders per week.
5. 5 orders = 5 pieces, to be done in maximum 2 weeks.
6. if you have any concern regarding certain body parts being too big or otherwise,
do let me know by giving me the exact measurements.
7. you are to give exact measurements, please do not add any inches to it.

*do take note that not all, i repeat NOT ALL are available to remake yea. so better be fast ladies!

One more news to go! They are having an update soon! :)
Here's a little teaser :

Don't forget! Mark your calendar for New Vintage Year
on Sunday 27/12/09 at 9.00pm

Well, what are you waiting for? Head on to Bee tea full now!

P.S: i want the red roes! anyone wants to buy for me? :P

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