Saturday, February 18, 2012

waking up to a really sleepy saturday

morning everyone, how y'all doing today? did you had a great week? i sincerely hope you do. mine was pretty okay :) nuff said, in case you don't have any plans for today yet and wondering how to finish this day off, why don't you drop by at the Swap Party at The Bee, Jaya One. the event will start at 1 p.m. so to those who are dying to throw away your old clothes, this might be the perfect to do so. you might not gain any moolah, but you'll get to try on other things from other people. so why not give it a try? :) don't worry though, items to be swapped MUST be in a good condition ;) so what are you waiting for? head on there this instant! and don't forget to eat those ice cream from The Last Polka! this might sound weird, but my favourite is their Teh Tarik.

for more info on the event, visit here

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