Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 01

So, today i started my first day of internship and it was okay, i guess? my supervisor was on leave so i was left to do some report and manual reading. the morning part kinda make me sleepy, lack of happy foods perhaps? in case you're wondering what i meant by happy foods, in my term; "it they make you happy, then they should be called happy foods". there there. basically it's sugary salty or whatever mostly-junk foods that could keep me on my feet :3 heh heh.

after the lunch break, i was ready to giddy up! yays. still not much work to do. i was briefed regarding my allowance, dress code, transportation, on-leave and so on. but i did do some chat-around with the other employees. managed to scoop up some details bout the company too.

okay okay i know, nuff bout that.
here's a little something that caught my eyes today :)

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