Wednesday, August 24, 2011

back on track vintagers

hello everyone!

first and foremost, i would like to thank all of you who joined/supported our very own first The Vintage Market! and to Samantha "Sammeeeeh" Pong, thank you for helping me out! Kak Zima Ahmad, thanks for helping me looking for stuffs eventhough i know you're pretty occupied >.<" and to my dearly F, without you, this wouldnt have happened, i can't expressed how much i really appreciate you helping me out. Thank you sayang :)

These blogshops/vendors were the ones joining us at The Vintage Market:

  1. Shop Paperdoll Sammy
  2. Andmore Again Online
  3. Tangerine Loft
  4. Kaler Paletter
  5. The Vintage Vibes
  6. Sunny Sideup Closet
  7. Vintage 2000
  8. Oh Suz Suz
  9. 6'Teas
  10. Aura Gems
  11. Angel Cupid Kitchen
  12. Owh Owl
  13. The Wardrobe
  14. Modern Flashback
  15. Furui
  16. 1997
  17. Ridhwan *Sammy's Friend*
  18. Jesslyn

Thank you all for participating in this event and im truly sorry for my mistakes on behalf of me and the venue organizers! Sorry im a lil bit off that day, i was pretty upbeat that day*yikes*
I hope you all had a pretty good time and enjoyed shopping there too. It was really nice to meet all of you, still amazed some of you were extra nice to me! Thanks guys *giggles*

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