Wednesday, April 21, 2010

something for everyone

hi all, sorry for the short hiatus :)
just got back from my hometown! anyway, it seems that many vintage blogshops keep poppin' out nowadays, which is a good news aite? :D but not for me, poor my money :P
well, i hope all of you will spend joyfully :)
here's what i've collected for today's post, hope you like it :)

Mod dress from 2N Vintage Collections
*newly linked blogshop*

Adorable floral dresses from bric.a.brac

another gorgeous floral dress from Sunny Sideup Closet

bright pink dress from Love Apple Vintage
*love the colour!* :)
also a newly linked blogshop

specially for polka dot lover dress from Couple Birds

another bright-coloured dress from Cupclothes
yellow is so attracting, yet warming :)

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