Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hide The Bum!

owh my, i simply love the name of this particular blogshop: Hide The Bum :) :)
verrrrrryyyy adorable, don't you think? :P

Well, the main point is *guess what*, Hide The Bum is a specialist in making Class A-Line Vintage Skirt, how cool is that? :O

All their skirts are mostly for UK12-UK14, you can see the measurements in the blog. I'm not sure if they do for smaller size, but you could ask the owner perhaps? :)

This is my personal favourite :)

And this one is coming soon:

Can't wait for it! ;)
Do check out Hide The Bum for more A-Line skirts. They do have in plain colours too :)
Price range: rm45-rm55 exclude shipping.

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