Monday, February 8, 2010

im in the mood for CNY!

i like cheongsam! i used to have a cheongsam when i performed a chinese dance in kindergarden :)

well, nuff said bout me :)
vintagers, haven't found the perfect cheongsam for you?
drop by and purchase your cheongsam at Sasha Vintage now!

looking for vintage style, why not opt for this piece?
this is my favourite :)
price: rm45

or are you looking for the one with sexy slit? and made of satin? this one is definitely the one for you :)
price: rm45

if you are the glamorous type, you might be interested with this one! shiny, full of sequins, elegant and definitely attention-grabbing! a bit pricey but totally worth it :)
price: rm150

or maybe you like the embroidery type? then go for this one. very warm green :)
and it comes with one peacock brooch too!

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