Friday, January 22, 2010


i love giraffe prints! i bought a vintage dress with giraffe prints on it from afishilike, but swapped it with someone else due to personal reason :(

but hey, i've found another one! and vintagers, grab it quick before i do :D

here, i present to you a giraffe dress from Sunny Sideup Closet

look at the prints, adorable eh? :)
grab it for only rm35!
visit Sunny Sideup Closet now!

if u r a big fan of checkered or polka dots vintage dress, do pay them a visit as they have a lot of those :)

p.s: my personal favourite from the blogshop :)

too bad it's sold already :(


  1. Thanks for an AWESOME review! love it!

    fancy a giraffe dress? :)

  2. hello SSC! sorry i've just noticed your comment :P
    ooooohh...i would really love to buy this from you but im afraid right now im a lil bit broke, lol. sorry thou :)