Monday, November 16, 2009


tune in tomorrow for new vintage updates at:

1. cupclothes!

they do have a lot of interesting dress lately, don't they? :)
can't wait for the next update!

meanwhile, check out these gorgeous dress from cupclothes

the price is rm34 each :)

2. Sasha Vintage!

quote from her blog:

Up next we have more dreamy pieces like chiffon, lace, crochet with the theme "Fairies' Touch"~ With the soft pastel colours, sheer fabric and light-weight material we can bring out the girly side of us ^.^

So mark this down your calendar sweeties~

Day: Tuesday
Date: 17/11/2009

Time: 11pm

Theme: Fairies' Touch

wow! fairies? very interesting, isn't it? *winks*

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