Monday, June 28, 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

an interesting update!

OMFG, this is seriously the most awesome polka-dots's update ever :)

rm22 each
all from Pa'Chenta Vintage
check out their blogshop for more vintage polka dot skirts!

Monday, June 21, 2010

fly me away: SKIRTS

all from Vintage Biri-Biri
price range: rm25 to rm36

p.s: my fav is the pale yellow, pastel is just so friggin lovely :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Vintage Closet: polka dot dress

re-selling this dress at rm50 including poslaju.
price is slightly higher than the original because i have to send this dress to dry-cleaning.
there's a pale yellowish stain at the bottom part but barely visible.

an elegant flowery piece

thousand apologies

Hey everyone, i'm really sorry for the loooooong hiatus. I have to face one of my worst nightmares *sigh*
Now i'm getting much better, thanks to my family and friends. You too, Sammy :) :)

Like the old saying,
"what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger"
I'm trying my best to move on and lead a new different life and hopefully a better one too.

Will be updating on vintage items soon, can't wait to check out what i've missed! :O

Talk to you all again soon, goodnight!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


hey everyone, i will be on a temporary hiatus for a few days due to personal reasons.
sorry dearies!
take care and good night :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

newly linked

Evening people, how y'all doing today?
Hope you are doing well ;)

Cut to the chase, here's a newly linked vintage blogshop
it's called Somewhere Over The Rainbows
*doesn't that reminds you of a song?*

my favourite piece from the blogshop:

it's lace and it's pastel green
from Somewhere Over The Rainbows

Monday, June 7, 2010

poke some polka dots :)

polka dot skirt + peter-pan collared top
both from the vintage vibes

rm35 from rara vintage boutique

rm40 from Sunny Sideup Closet
*love the colour*

don't you just love the colour + laced-neck?
rm40 from Vintage Rockstar

Sunday, June 6, 2010

wrap me up

Enuff with those dresses, let's move on to something to cover us up.

rm28 each from Vintage Packstocks

rm35 from rara vintage boutique

plus updates:

to those looking for vintage glasses, do drop by at Glass Puppet as they are selling lots of them.

some of their collections:

rm38 each
all from Glass Puppet

thousand apologies

Hey everyone, sorry for the short hiatus + no updates for these few days.
I'm currently on a mission to build a maze for Moto-Moto & Molly :)

But this really caught my eyes today:

r28 for the vintage vibes
unique and affordable *yay*

Friday, June 4, 2010

for sammy.

sammy, didn't shop anything else but these two. totally worth it :)

p.s: i got my sis's cam and snapped a few of their pics, aren't they adorable? haih ^^"

new loves :)

Today, i want to share with you guys my new loves
and i'm not taking bout the bf *grins*

I present to you...


Some introduction about them..

Little Miss Peeking

This is Molly, it's really hard to take a picture of her since she likes to run, very active i tell you. She runs daily more than i do in a month! How humiliating is that? LOL. I think she really likes to peek, well she does that everytime i tried to take a picture of her, LOL. Well, her favourite place is the little house on her right side in the pic above :)
She likes to run on the wheel too, can you imagine how i managed to sleep at night with all that noises? Did i tell you that both of them are highly active during the night? And very sleepy in the morning? Yes, that is so true!
Unlike Moto-Moto, Molly likes to eat in the house, quielty chirping her kuacis. She also likes to jump and climb around the cage.
I choose the name Molly simply because i like that name :)

Next is Moto-Moto
Little Mr. I-Like-To-Eat

He's the much much more chubby-ier version of Molly, who is slightly thin :P
Moto-Moto here is the most chubbiest hamster in his cage in the store where i bought him *when i bought him, i knew i just have to snatch him. how can you resist his plump soft body?*
Compared to Molly, he prefers eating, as you can in the above, and he will always be near the food container, awww :)
He also likes to clean the floor of the cage. Instead of the bedding, he prefers plain red floor, i wonder why?
Sometimes he likes to run on the wheel, but obviously less than Molly lah.
He likes to sleep too, anywhere also can! Well you can guess that it includes sleeping near the food container, hehe :P
I choose the name Moto-Moto because he reminds me of the funny hippo in Madagascar 2 :P
I tried changing his name to Milo, but i guess he prefers the former :)

I love them both dearly and thanks to my bf for buying them for me! *i love you*

p.s: sorry for the blurry pics, cant manage to find the cam to take some pics so instead i just use my hp :)

p.p.s: Did i tell you that they both are Roborovski hamsters?
Which are the the smallest and fastest of all hamsters!

miss sunshine

Now now, aren't they just sweet?
Brighten up your days with these dresses!

price range: rm35-rm37
all from Vintage Biri-Biri

p.s: check out in store for more sunshine-y dresses! *winks*

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

this is unfair

now, this is really cruel.
how can i resist this one?
after passing over the three straps before
can i? NO? okay :(

rm38 from Sunny Sideup Closet

like sammy said, i have too many polkas in my closet,
so maybe not this time

wednesday blues?

no more blues for today as these really cheer up my day
too bad i cant purchase them :(

now now now, doesn't it cheer you up too? :)
pastel and colourful, im dreamy.
can anyone buy this for me pretty please?

rm20 each
from Vintage Packstocks

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

isn't she lovely? :)

sorry to disappoint you, but im not talking bout a person here
it is instead one of the most lovely POLKA-DOT dress i've ever seen
*i know, i know, enuff with the polka dot already*
three shoulder straps, now isn't that something different? :)

rm38 from Sunny Sideup Closet